About Me

Dear Readers,

My name is Angel Azizi, and I am the author of The Problem with the Blacks, due out for publication shortly. As with many black Americans, I have been going through life looking out for my own best individual interests. And, while that strategy is successful on an individual level, it is an epic fail on a group level. That is why in the book I propose building a new black nation within the United States, so that we can advance our race socially, politically and economically as a whole.

The tone in the book may come off as critical or judgmental, and that is my intention. The fact is that all blacks, to varying degrees (including myself), are part of the problem of why we remain at the bottom of the economic power structure all over the world.  Time is running out for us to get out from under the control of others, and put our destiny back into our own hands. It may sound extreme, but we have been targeted for extermination, and that plan is in full effect whether we realize it or not. It is time for us to engage in self-transformation and come together. No one is going to save us, but us.